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Magic package - bittersweet offer

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Yes, we want to give the sweetest magic package to our Fennecfit girls. In this package we surprise the buyer with the selected amount of items from our latest collections as such: 

  1. BOLD Collection
  2. Feminine Touch Collection
  3. Fierce Collection
  4. Essential 2.0 Collection

This package consists of 2-3 randomly selected items, based on the category you have chosen. The purpose of the package is to give you a head start on your fitness journey. It gives us also an opportunity to welcome you to our Fennecfit family.

We do our best to balance out the package with different styles and in case buying tops/bra package with the bottoms, we make sure to deliver a set to you.

PS. If you are already our client, then we have a check, that we will not send you the same item that you already have bought! :)

Limited collection

Ethically produced

In-house design

Magic package - bittersweet offer

Magic package - bittersweet offer