Kirsti Vaikla - Estonia, Tallinn

Kirsti Vaikla - Estonia, Tallinn

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Who's Kirsti Vaikla?

I am an active lifestyle soul, who is highly interested in all the topics related to human health. I have completed my studies in Gene Technology, obtained a personal trainer license, and am currently continuing my studies in Health Nutrition.

As a personal trainer...

... my goal is to show people that health is in our hands. Show it where it is not complocated, difficult or impossible. Every person is created to move and is an athlete. Again, all people are completely different so things are not the same for every one. You need to find an approach that takes into account your body, your health, your desires. Something that makes you move with fun and confidence.

By coaching, I want to give people the boost and injection they need to be responsible for my health and myself. Small steps lead to longer-lasting and lifelong habits. It need not be a tedious obligation, but rather a natural part of everyday life.

What is purchase consist of?

PS. Each package by Kirsti consist of personal trainer sessions, counselling and body analysis.