Julia - Spain, Barcelona

Julia - Spain, Barcelona

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Who's Julia?

My name is Julia, originally from Germany. Working in an office, I always missed a big passion of mine – fitness. I love to motivate people to step out of their comfort zone, push them to achieve what they thought they couldn’t, as well as helping them to overcome their insecurities and learn to love their body!

I want to make people smile, give them a good time and teach them that getting fit doesn’t have to be boring.

What truly gets me going in the morning are the tired faces that turn into proud smiles at the end of every workout. The end of every workout.

As a personal trainer...

...my goal is to make you love yourself and feel confident. During my personal training sessions, I combine different techniques and exercises to develop a plan that fits your personal goals and ambitions.

My passion is to reinvent the way men and women feel about sports, and help them enjoy pushing their limits, learning that they can do things they thought they couldn’t, guide them towards achieving their personal goals and make them feel more powerful, confident and happy. The best reward for me is seeing the astonishment on faces when my students feel the progress they made and feel proud of themselves.