Freya Flattering leggings

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The leggings are highly functional for a workout, active lifestyle, or everyday life, providing optimal support during any activity. The leggings are high-waisted, securing to stay in place during your squats, jumps, or running session. They do not roll down or you do not need to adjust them during your workout. The fabric is antibacterial and water repellent.

We can guarantee that the fabric takes its shape back after many workouts, by supporting shape retention. Wear the leggings for years without losing their shine, shape, or quality. In addition, you can enjoy your lower-body workouts as the tights are squat-proof.

On the right leg, there is a signature cut of Fennecfit. On the waistband, we have a logo that is in a leggings' color.

The leggings are made out of recycled fabric. 8 million tons of waste end up in our seas every single year. Yarn is derived from pre and post-industrial waste such as discarded fishing nets, carpet fluff, tulle, etc.: all such materials, once they have reached the end of their useful life.

78% recycled polyamide; 22% elastane

XS - Waist: 60-66 cm; Hips: 89-96 cm; Inseam: 65 cm
S - Waist: 67-74 cm; Hips: 97-104 cm; Inseam: 68 cm
M - Waist: 75-82 cm; Hips: 105-114 cm; Inseam: 71 cm
L - Waist: 83-90 cm; Hips: 115-123 cm; Inseam: 74 cm
XL - Waist: 91-100 cm; Hips: 124-131 cm; Inseam: 77 cm

Product is true to its' size.
The model is wearing size S.