Meet a member from Fennecfit family - interview with the personal trainer and blogger Kirsti Vaikla

We are thrilled to announce that in upcoming weeks Fennecfit is coming out with the new collection. This time we are doing it a little bit different, as it is in collaboration with personal trainer and blogger Kirsti Vaikla. So you would get a little bit insights of the collection and the person, we have a small interview for you.

What inspirited you to start you healthy lifestyle and to help others in their journeys?

I have had quite some challenges by my own and at one point I realized that it needs to change. To be honest, I did not have no clue what means healthy lifestyle..  I was active, but healthy and happy? No. At one moment stress and problems took over and weight increase, realising my mood changes in the mean time. Day after day I felt poorly and at one morning reaching after something based on the emotions not based on the willpower, I started to think. Why I am doing it? I am not happy, definitely not healthy and energised. I decided to make a chance. Changes on my dinner table and lifestyle. I feel that I have reached to the point, where I have really balanced myself and my health, therefore I want to help others. Others, who has lost their-self and do not know where to start. Show that it is our decision and it is possible. Happier, healthier you is just a decision away.

What was the most difficult part for you on this journey and how did you overcome it?

I had never paid attention or knew what this "right" diet was or how to purposefully train myself. The hardest part was getting started. What and how to do it? In fact, it was difficult to discover many things about yourself during all this as well as during your journey. One extreme leads very easily to the other extreme, especially with exercise and nutrition. This journey has been full of setbacks, successes and more. The greatest struggle, in fact, still goes on within itself and spiritually.

A healthy lifestyle for me now also means a balanced life. A healthy lifestyle does not have to be complicated and going extreme. For me, a healthy lifestyle means giving our bodies good fuel - fresh, high-quality food, and getting the nutrients they need without being trapped by today's artificial and industrial companies. Again, it is okay to occasionally eat something "forbidden" if it does not become commonplace, because in fact, appetite is created when we do not get the necessary and sufficient amounts of nutrients. Thus, in general, these appetites should often not occur. When it comes - the world will not run out of it - we will do it for our own good. It is also now moving on to mental and physical health. For me, a healthy lifestyle also means doing my daily routine, which doesn't necessarily have to be 24/7 sweating in the gym. A fun workout that speaks to YOU, longer daily walks, and overall activity.

In addition, mental health - everything must be in balance, and health must not go over board. You have to do it with reason, enjoy life, surround yourself with good and better, to be healthy means to be a happy person.

You are active on many ways, both as a university nutritionist and a full-time job, and now becoming a mother. How do you find time for a fast-paced workout and what tricks to share?

I've always been active. I need to keep moving and developing and often I take on a number of challenges at once. I guess I wouldn't be able to do one thing just morning and evening. I have to develop from different angles. I actually graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Gene Technology from university, where I studied people at the genetic and cellular level. Moving on from there and learning more physiological and anatomical human movement as I progressed to personal trainer training, and at the moment I really took on the new challenge of studying nutrition counseling and therapy in depth. In addition, I also give workouts and wait 7 months for my first child, but I think whoever wants it will get there. The question of choices, because if you really want to do something and are passionate about something, you will always find only solutions, not excuses or excuses. I always find time for myself as well, because this is my moment for myself. As a suggestion to others, think of it as an hour in the day (depending on how many times you train each week) dedicated to your body and mind. Tabs on your ears, great music or podcasts, and a moment for you. You turn off the rest of the world and sometimes you even need to take that moment. For me, it's kind of a restart this day. The body will move, the blood will circulate and the thought will work better. Not to mention the awkward feeling and joy of accomplishment. Just a tiny part of your day that brings your day and life to life.

How do you plan to combine sports and being a mother?

This is a pretty good question because a lot of things are actually open. A lot of things I can't even think about and plan yet, because it's a whole new and unknown land for me. I certainly try to listen to my body in the same way and exercise as well as I do during pregnancy.

I will certainly try to gradually build up my activity with the child. Training with a child is also a great solution for both of them - I am having increasing weight and spending quality time with my child and having one fun day at a time. I will definitely start with home training in the beginning and it seemed to me where my health and editorial activities lead from there. Sport certainly plays a big role in my life and that of my young mother.

What are your plans for the future?

I always think big and bold and I have a lot of ideas. I will certainly leave something to myself, but I can share some plans with you. I intend to keep quiet in the field of health and continue my studies in the Master of Health Technology either this coming autumn or the following fall. I have always been fascinated by insoluble health issues and various problems that make me want to try to change these situations. At one point I plan to bring my knowledge of different health angles together. One of the biggest and coolest projects in the near future is definitely the creation of a training collection with Fennecfit, which we have been working on since early spring.

I am sincerely pleased that we did it together. Fennecfit stands out for its unique design that tells the story! This is especially nice, which I like about Fennecfit. There's a story behind the collection - it's inspired because people know how to interact more immediately. Fabric that is silky and luxurious against the skin, comfortable and feminine. While still strong and supportive!

Exercise or habit that is the secret of your successful day

I have a to-do list every day that needs to be done. Something that would keep me on point so I write down my weekly, daily goals so that I would always have them in front of me. You know how good it is to keep these things off the list. The goals you set for today were accomplished! You will immediately feel successful and successful.

You can already keep an eye out for a new collection of Fennecfit x Kirsti Vaikla, which will incorporate just that femininity and tenderness, while striving for a healthier happier self.

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