Story behind Fennecfit x KirstiVaikla

The waiting is over and we are so excited to say that next days we are FINALLY releasing our first collaboration collection with content creator, blogger and personal trainer @KirstiVaikla. Before showing you full collection, we thought it would be great to share you short interview with her regarding how she is choosing sportswear and story behind her own designed sports collection.

How do you choose your sportswear?

When I buy sportswear, I look at both the look and the functionality of the product, the design needs to be unique and immediately make you want to try it on. However, it also needs to make you feel confident and comfortable. This leads to another, and even more important, functionality - sportswear must have a purpose. There is no point wearing just a beautiful thing. Sportswear needs to support you throughout your workout. Especially important for women is the supportive bra and pants, which do not fall down or shine through every movement. In order to be comfortable and so safe, to exercise confidently. You feel well dressed, then your workout goes well.

Why did you choose to make your own clothing collection in collaboration with Fennecfit?

I am so much looking forward of the launch of Fennecfit x KirstiVaikla. Fennecfit stands out for its unique design that tells the story and goes deeper! Every collection has its story – I feel inspired by it. There was always such a cozy atmosphere when setting up and discussing ideas that Birgit, the creator of Fennecfit, always guaranteed. All my ideas that came to mind were discussed and together we came to the end of the story. Every detail, dash and color is well thought out and has some substance.

Also quality - fabric that is silky and luxurious against the skin, comfortable and feminine. Meanwhile, Fennecfit's training clothes are still strong and supportive! I also like clothes that emphasize what we have been given and make feminine shapes to look better.

What story your own collection tells and how did you get inspiration?

Purple-pink reminds me of graduating high school - one of the big stages in my life's journey. In a pink dress I sent away my so-called self and moved on to a better, healthier and stronger self. Someone who wanted to be happy, content and healthy in themselves. It has since become a kind of meaning to me.

In general, the collection displays femininity and tenderness, but also strength, confidence, determination and also sexuality. Just as every woman should and could feel. As Birgit succinctly summed up my thoughts, in fact, the girl's reflection of being a confident and balanced woman.

In the pattern, you can find birds that represent movement. Not to stand still and not to stand still, but to seek yourself and your answers. Arrows and a compass that will always help you keep your eyes on the target and remind you where you are and why. The feminine hand, the gentleness, and the soft lines of grace that we all hide. Also one of my favourite phrases: "Every day is a chance for a new start" because every day you make a choice. The choice to either be better or get stuck in yesterday.

What message would you like Fennecfit x KirstiVaikla to represent?

I would like it to actually speak to the woman, no matter where you are from. The purpose of this collection is to make women feel confident and strong. Something that is a constant reminder to you that you are a wonderful person who wants and cares for your health. Someone who knows she's not alone because there's a supportive community of women behind it. I wish every woman could feel comfortable, supported and beautiful in this collection. Whether you go out for a walk, a longer run, or a gym workout.

Who is your greatest fitness role model in Instagram or sports world?

My biggest fitness role model is definitely Sarah's Day (IG: @sarahs_day), who shares quite a few similar views with me.

Listen to your body and train, eat with reason and balance. Enjoy life, but strive for the best version of yourself - the best self. He is also now a young mother who, despite having a small child, is still mindful but does not allow it to be an excuse for the best health of herself and her family.

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