How to take care of your sportswear?

Sweating during exercise is a good sign that you have worked hard. However, no one wants a sweaty smell on their clothes, especially on high-end, high-tech workout clothes. Proper maintenance of sportswear is essential for maintaining the good qualities of the fabric and maintaining its good appearance.
Training clothing should be washed after each use. By allowing sweaty clothes to dry and then re-wear, dirt and bacteria builds up layers on the fabric fibers. If you are not able to wash your workout kit the same day, allow your clothes to air-dry before throwing the laundry basket to prevent mold and bad odors.

Washing high-end sports equipment requires a little more effort than regular cotton t-shirts and pants, which also withstand high heat and machine drying. Therefore, before washing, take a look at the care label for instructions.


1. Detergent - Gentle or special sportswear washing gel
2. Water temperature - Cold
3. Washing program - Gentle wash
4. Drying - At low temperatures or allow to air dry
5. Special care - Wash small amounts at a time
6. Ironing - Do not iron

Soak and rinse
Training clothes often accumulate unpleasant odors that may not even help with washing. The secret to finally removing body fluids from fabric is distilled white vinegar. This inexpensive product contains a small amount of acid which helps to remove grease, dirt and bacteria and rinse it off after washing.
Mix one part distilled white vinegar with four parts cold water. Immerse your training clothing and soak it for 15-30 minutes before washing. If there is still time to wash, soak the clothes in solution for 30 minutes, then rinse with clean water and let drip dry.

Turn clothes over
The dirt is mostly on the inside of the clothes anyway. If there are any locks on the clothes, pull them tight and turn them inside out before putting them in the machine. This keeps the colors more vivid and prevents the fabric from tearing.

Add a mild or special detergent for sportswear
No matter how bad your clothes smell, always use the recommended amount of detergent - about two tablespoons. In the event of overdose, excess detergent builds up in the fabric fibers, creating an ideal environment for fungi and bacteria that emit an unpleasant odor.
For very strong odors, it is recommended to use a detergent designed specifically for sportswear and designed to clean moisture-absorbing synthetic materials. Try Hex Performance Laundry Gel, for example.

Set up the washing machine correctly
Wash workout clothes in cold water with a gentle wash program. Hot water and excessive shaking can damage the fabric and shorten the life of the garment.

Allow clothing to air dry
It is best to let the exercise clothes rack dry in the air. If you absolutely need to use a dryer, choose the lowest possible heat to avoid damaging the fabric.


Written by Mirjam Lepik

Originaalartikkel The Spruce