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Limited Original Design

All the collections are in low quantities and limited, originally designed in-house.


Embrace the diversity among us.

Everything we do, we have human diversity in mind. Our mission is not only to embrace the diversity among you, but also through our designs.


Our collectitons start from...

You inspire us..

All the designs are Fennecfit Original, getting inspired by your stories, emotions and messages.

Bold collection - beautiful color combination, interesting cuts, compliment the body and comfortable material.


Fierce Collection - The leggings have an amazing colour, I never seen such a beautiful blue for the sports-clothes. Material is comfortable and soft - I am just speechless. Blouse is also very, very beautiful and clean white colour, and that text - super!


I received Feminine Touch set and I am really happy about them. Cannot wait until the workout, as I was already really glad about previous order of N°1 set.

Kirsika Liiva